Volare Travel Agency is a member of the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies, linked to Ministry of Culture and Tourism. It is a growing organization in Turkey. Founded in 1997, with over 12 years of experience, Volare Travel has perfected the exacting standards of travel excellence unrivalled throughout the travel industry, so you can be assured of a vacation that will surpass your every expectation.
   We are conscious of the responsibilities of our mission in developing Turkish Tourism, which is to cater to all kinds of needs as soon as possible. We are working hard for two things: to satisfy our guests and to help people to understand the Turkish culture, history and geography.
   Unlike the other travel agencies who organize scheduled bus tours, Volare Travel plans a trip according to the individual needs and interests of every traveler. What we do is called a “tailor made, custom travel plan”. If you have ideas about the places you want to go, activities you want to join please let us know. If there are other places that you want to hear about, we would be glad to give you some further information. We can share or compare ideas with you.
   Your transportation bookings, (ie bus, ferry, train, flight depending on you and where you are etc.) transfers, accommodation bookings, (star hotels, boutique hotels pensions or hostels according to your wish), daily tour bookings (when needed) would be made by Volare. In this case you would have a 24 hours contact number in the place we booked and here in Istanbul. You do not need to stay with a tight schedule, with Volare, whenever you want you can make changes in your itinerary. The flexibility of your schedule will keep till the end of your travel.
   What do you want?
To get information about the places you plan to go
To travel around Turkey by yourself
To travel or stay in a place according to your time and budget
To be flexible about the days or the areas
To be free and by yourself when you want
To find a contact and response when you need
   With Volare Travel satisfaction is guaranteed. Come to Volare and you will discover a group of friendly and hospitable local people in every single part of Turkey, genuinely eager to share their rich history and cultural heritage with you. Sunshine, blue skies, lush countryside, sandy beaches, and a delicious cuisine awaits you. When you turn home, guarantee you will have many unforgettable memories to treasure: an experienced, professional staff functioning as a team to provide consistent, dependable and a friendly service.
   What about the price?
The price is also depending on your wish. It depends on your choice and what you do, where you go, where you stay….etc. When you book your travel by Volare there will not be any bad surprises or extra cost. We have something for every budget.
   Our mission is to follow the developing dynamical tourizm industry closely and with quick adaptation drive true costomer intimacy by our well educated professional team.
   Our vision is to create a value for our guests replying their expectation in high quality and stability and be a solution partner to them

License: A-3573

Kocatepe Mh. Abdulhakhamit Cd. No : 3/C Talimane, Taksim
Phone:  +90 212 254 51 17 / Fax: +90 212 254 51 27