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Grand Bazaar in Istanbul

5 Apr

Grand Bazaar in Istanbul

Istanbul is known for its variety of Bazaars, and we’d recommend taking a gander. Breathe in the scents of the Spice Bazaar, but if you want to purchase anything, step outside, where prices are cheaper.

Get lost in the Grand Bazaar, and wander through the Little Bazaar, both of which mainly sell souvenirs. We wanted to get a taste of where the local’s shop, so we wandered through the farmer’s market in the Tarlabasi Pazari neighborhood.

It felt far less touristy than the main bazaars and had unbeatable produce prices, which tempted us into buying more cherries than two people should be able to consume. Oops! But we aren’t most people.


Grand Bazaar is a maze of very similar looking shops crowded with people.

After haggling with the shopkeeper for the copper pot we were offered tea. This is a normal practice here. We were happy with our purchase and the shopkeeper is happy he made a sale. Then we sit and drink tea together and talk. These moments were some of my favorites of this trip. The shopkeeper was a young man from Afghanistan. We talked about the history of Afghanistan, the Taliban, and about our families. It was fascinating.


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